Furry4Life is still under construction!

Uh oh, We're not done yet!

Here by accident? Follow over to: https://plus.google.com/communities/106711517919423612392

An official announcement will be made on our twitter account when we're ready to start taking members. Please don't forget to follow us at @Furry4Life so you'll be the first to know! For questions, and other concerns, you may message @F4LHelp on twitter.


"For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people's love and concern for each other."

Millard Fuller

Welcome to the new F4L (Furry4Life)!

This is a social equality furry network that is ran by furries for furries. We are one of the only furry sites that focus on the offline life of furries. A furry is a fan of fictional anthropomorphic animal/creature characters with human personalities and characteristics.

If you have an interest in that or fantasy animal characters, then this might be a great network for you! Come join us and take a look around! Membership is free!


Not a member yet and wondering what this site is all about?

Think of Furry4Life like a Facebook, but everyone on the network is a furry. Even ads, when we have them (rare), are for the furry community. If you want to sign up, just fill out the profile Join form and make sure we can tell you are a furry or are interested in finding out more.  As the Network is for Furries, trolling and any other type of negative behavior will not be tolerated. 

Looking for our old site? We had some issues with our old host. We are back and we hope you like us better than ever! Been a while since you've been back? Check us out! :) 


What can you do on the site? Will you enjoy it?

Every user's experience is different. Personally, we hope you'll enjoy it and if you like social networking, we have all the features you love:

  • Create and Customize a Profile
  • Add Friends
  • Instant Messaging
  • Desktop and Smart Phone Mobile Apps
  • Locate Furs near you
  • Blogging
  • Upload Images
  • Create Albums
  • Embed YouTube Videos
  • Participate in Forums
  • Participate in Polls
  • List your favorite websites in our Sites Area
  • Post Events
  • Create and manage your own Community or Group within F4L
  • Post Comments on a Profile Wall
  • Get Notified when someone visits your page
  • Receive and Exchange mail in the site
  • Chat Rooms
  • And so much more..


This network has tons of room to expand, and be scupted by you as our community into something that fits everyones requirements, and in the end, feels great to use. Be sure to contact our staff leaders with your thoughts and suggestions!


Interested? Then you may like this community. If you like the sound of it but are looking for something for adults 18 and over, you may want to try our sister site: FurriesXtreme.org

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