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Flora Flower
*wags my tail back and forth cutely* it's a new me and a new way to be with my special someone under the stars and laying on the nice cold grass and holding hands together I found that special someone in my life who will never hurt me or do any of that un
jack sky
*giggles softly and my tail curls around my leg as i sway my hips side to side slightly*
Looking to meet and talk to other furrs.
Evan Wulfkin
wants to erase his account
Vikie \ Viktor Foxfang
Am on Telegram chat,still mostly quiet. Fan of 特撮, Tokusatsu
seeking a cute female
Falcon DarkShadow
Reference incoming
SeiRruf Wilde
F4L Administration & Support Team Member
Fun to be back
Mike Wolf
someone text me :)
Just your friendly neighborhood grizzly bear.
2/8/20 ¨Very Numb, dealing with some suicidal thoughts...¨ ((See you fur's later in the future possibly, R.P Repository user -> Dyson. ))
pew the dutch angel dragon
follow marvelanimeboi on instagram plss
Okay, nope, I'm done-
Boca the hippo
time to love yourself
totes ready to move in with my babybear
Max L Puppy
babyfur looking for locals in Ohio
I've got all these demons hiding underneath Nobody can see them, nobody but me, and you're the reason The only thing that keeps me from diving off the deep end Because I've got all these demons, demons, demons, hmm-hmm Well, at first I thought I'd have t
I Laugh I Smile But Be Careful When I'm Silent..They Laugh At Me Cause I Am Different I Laugh At Them Cause There All The Same.
And into the forest i go, to lose my mind and find my soul
“If you follow the crowd it will take you to places they have been but if you walk alone you will find the undiscovered”
Athena H.
Oh wow, I've been forgetting about this place... I'm sorry xwx;
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