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Lil floof
hey :3
Maxwell "Max" Kuma
Serious boredom
Beta 8088 the Cursed Retro-Protogen
What kind of site that has instant messaging doesn't provide audible notifications at the time of receiving a message? And why do you need such a roundabout way to see if someone's online or not? Why not just have non-instant PM's like Furaffinity if you'
Dealing with math homework rn
Nyx Faewalker
Mrow, it’s lonely out here.
Rantoo Denous
who wants to chat?
Word Document Homeless Person
Feeling lobsterish! Just shifted in front of my students ????
*strolls out from another massive laps of dissociating and disappearing* .... tis me the it. I live. THE IT LIVESSSS and I'm still to awkward for anyones good. .-.
R.K. Morley
computer computer computer computer
Lindsay Delonivo Finch
Sitting around, listening to the beatles.
Breeze Frost Fang
Slowly building up
pew the dutch angel dragon
lonely again...happens to the weakest..
Shadow Mutt
I like my underwear in blues, blacks and whites, but I have also grown to appreciate underwear in pinks cause they can make me feel more submissive.

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