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anyone got kik
Drache Von Schwartz
F4L Community Manager
I love drawing!
I bite :v
The Prince of ALL Felines
Hi there :3 Feel free to +add & message me if you need a friend to talk with. :3
Theofilus the Folf
Are you excited for AC this year. OMG I am!!! OwO
i dont bite..much >.>
Lamia The Colf Goddess Of Fire
no matter what people say about you never let it get you down be stronger then that. if you do you will be a much happier person.
thank you for all the friendships I've made on here. it means alot to me. adjusting to the fandom little by little and getting comfortable being more open about myself to other people. it's not easy for me. thanks for all the support.
Vanessa Wolfe
Message me on my telegram im more active there: Vanessa Rose
Fira Terrowin
Feel free to send me a message if you want to chat! :3 I'm always happy to meet new people ^//^
Blaze Mari
Music and Gaming and much more Welcome to all!
Chyena Coldbrew
I have ambition, that's about it.
Flora Flower
Hiya everyone im Flora Flower i aways like having fun and being in the wild with nature and being close to my loved ones and i like smelling flowers like rosies and being outside by a warm fire and im super cute and fun.
Moon Dark Star
sup losers
Neeko Neko
Online, feel free to message me! ^ω^
my drill sergeant once told me "when you halfass your work now you will only make more work for yourself in the future."
ya krasivi
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