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It's ok to talk to me, I don't bite
seeking a cute female
Ash LePurr
Having to re-register was no bueno
Ken Werther
I like to chat, hmu.
thank you for all the friendships I've made on here. it means alot to me. adjusting to the fandom little by little and getting comfortable being more open about myself to other people. it's not easy for me. thanks for all the support.
Aldous Damien
Theofilus the Folf
Are you excited for AC this year. OMG I am!!! OwO
Night Frost
Turning the pages through out life....
Panda Jenn
So long everyfur!
Love is like magic, but magic is just an illusion
Zlaycan Strange
I think it's safe to say nobody likes a furry anymore, so I gotta be a closeted one... Darn.
Rehira the Vernid
Hello, I'm new to the community.
Levi H.
In the middle of a PRTF stay... Hope I get out soon. Proud to be a furry! (As always)
I swear my brain hasn't been taken over by stupidity.
Patience.. It's just a matter before Time runs out..
The Prince of ALL Felines
Hi there :3 Feel free to +add & message me if you need a friend to talk with. :3
Luthias Kannavaugh
New here! Message me?
*Rolling around*
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