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Snowball the Siberian White Tiger
Lookin' for new friends! Let me know if you are interested! I sent a few requests, but if I didn't send you one, feel free to send me one instead!
Wolfy Ünger-Jaeger
Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me~ Tie me up and throw me down and show me how much you like me~
Atropos Otter
Hey there am new just a fun floof otter
Sam “Zed” Ünger-Jaeger
SAVE ME (My cousin’s holding me hostage)
Fun to be back
Kai Zane
Fell free to hit me up!
Rawr! :3
Galloping around on all fours...
Robin Grimmgall
Survival of the fittest is what they say, but I'm surviving and I'm unfit for it.
Boca the hippo
don't you want to be successful till the "end if time?"
Kiba Kirota
Free to talk with anyone who needs a listening ear
Tezra Rose Love
Hard time make for a better life sometimes... or at least that's what I hope for...
Just your friendly neighborhood grizzly bear.
Every day i tell myself, today will be better....but it never is
Coffee Bean
Fluffy and lovable :3
Devin Wyldeheart
Home from Furrydelphia! Already missing everyone.
Shile E Coyote
Crazy..? I was crazy once.. They locked me in a room.. A rubber room.. A rubber room with rats.. The rats made me crazy.. Crazy?! I was crazy once..! They locked me in a room..! A RUBBER ROOM!! A RUBBER ROOM WITH RATS!! THE RATS MADE ME CRAZY!!
Mike Wolf
someone text me :)
Sami the Jaguar
I'm new to this! Looking for some friends!
New to Furry4Life!
Happy to make new friends
Panthera the panther
Single and ready to mingle baby~ Anybody my age is more than welcme to send me a message~ Ciao for now, cuties~
My name is ToxicAngelWolfy! I do art and fursuit stuff!
Kairi the babyfur
Babyfur looking for a friend. Let me know if you are interested..
Hewwo! I'm Seena! Wanna be friends??
Solar Collin (Clover)
Hollow forever. Where did flame go?
Shado Skyhawk
Please chat with me. I need someone to talk to.

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