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Fox Ryan Plague
Your always home in sprit no matter how far you are away from home
Oregon furrs..? Its lonely out here. :/
The Chardero
OMG I'm back. Please re-add me if you remember.
jack sky
Everyone just leave me alone for a while... All that's gonna happen if you try to be friends with me is you'll get hurt... Just like everyone else in my life... If no one heard from me for a long time........ You'll know why.... *Curls up tightly alone li
Hello I'm Cloak im a furry I don't a fur suit YET btw im not 21 I got the age wrong I'm 15 btw I Chang my name to cloak my old one was Nuka ok
Have fun and always find a way to improve.
Offline Mostly
Just a lonely wolfer. I've kinda given up on finding real furry friends online, but I'm still hopeful.
Blaze Mari
Just being a Vocaloid furry i am today
now have bf just wanting more friends.
The traveler longed for one thing. The one thing he had seen from afar his entire life. All 9,000 years of it. Money, power, fame, all of it was worthless. What he wanted was a home... but as an immortal, it was impossible. So he traveled...
fluffy the furry fox
sad cause fox ryan plague is wanting to die
Sheely Velazquez
Trying to make life easier
Cat Mage
New around!
Cobalt Mayhem XO45
>Though we weapon X units posses god like power and extreme ability, we don't wish for you to worship us, but rather fight by our side till the end of time
I am a fox who loves making friends and is very generous and thoughtfull
Flora Flower
My heart is in the hands of someone who I know from my school and says that he will give me all his heart to fix me and promises to protect me he plans to stay by my side *wags my tail back and forth*
Max L Puppy
babyfur looking for locals in Ohio
Rawr! :3
It's ok to talk to me, I don't bite
Anderson Mezz
Come Say Hi. ^^
Loupsie Lupelo
Come let’s be friends! Especially if you are in Virginia or anywhere.
LF a playmate;)
...Still Alive
Max the Shiba/Wolf Mix
Snapchat = Orangecrmshiba
Oh boy video games!

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