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11/28/19 ¨Is the day that I may die from emotional distress.¨
I've got all these demons hiding underneath Nobody can see them, nobody but me, and you're the reason The only thing that keeps me from diving off the deep end Because I've got all these demons, demons, demons, hmm-hmm Well, at first I thought I'd have t
I only have a certain amount of time I be on here and I'm always on a different site called Rp Repository, if you sign up for it, look for a username that says Foxy_TheWarrior, btw I'm a friendly hybrid, I'm always here to help anyone that needs help
Candy Wolf
hi my name is joshua
Blaze Mari
Music and Gaming and much more Welcome to all!
Winters here -.-
feel free to drop by!
Max the Wolf
But I know, I know... Life can be beautiful I pray, I pray, I pray For a better way For a better way We were kind before; We can be kind once more, We can be beautiful...
Im alive
Richter and Jaeger
Someone once asked me what i felt when I shoot a target that will one day be a terrorist. My response? Recoil
kuro Homura
looking for friends who care
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