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Flora Flower
*wags tail* it's a new Month and a new year for time with close friends and near family and also new adventures to happen and just having a jolly good time and great things to come.
YEET MY LIFE OUTTA HERE XD I'm in college and won't be active as much as I'd like. Though ig I would be cause it'd show when I'm using my browser but yeah. If I don't reply I'm 9/10 doing school
I Laugh I Smile But Be Careful When I'm Silent..They Laugh At Me Cause I Am Different I Laugh At Them Cause There All The Same.
What’s going on?
im bak and i have a whole new line of fursonas. jeez i need to update stuff..
Caylen the Fox
Add me on instagram = pierce the caylen
Fade to dust and burn to ashes
Neeko Neko
Online, feel free to message me! ^ω^
time to find a masater
Look who might be back!
I have no hope rn
Grant Evermoss
hi! hmu :3
Cimerrian Nox
I need to change my profile, my character has changed a lot
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