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Flora Flower
*wags my tail back and forth cutely* it's a new me and a new way to be with my special someone under the stars and laying on the nice cold grass and holding hands together I found that special someone in my life who will never hurt me or do any of that un
Mike Wolf
someone text me :)
jack sky
*whimpers* my wrists hurt... *curls up in a corner sobing softly*
YEET MY LIFE OUTTA HERE XD I'm in college and won't be active as much as I'd like. Though ig I would be cause it'd show when I'm using my browser but yeah. If I don't reply I'm 9/10 doing school ( angel-kat1 is my snap, feel free to add)
No one can compair to my amazing Husband
I Laugh I Smile But Be Careful When I'm Silent..They Laugh At Me Cause I Am Different I Laugh At Them Cause There All The Same.
Luna Moon
When memories shatter, like shards of glass, the fragmentation is enough to put the past to rest.
Hia there!!
Astriana Jade
An it harm none, do what ye will.
Riz Ronax
Talk to me please ((@GayWickerBitch on telegram))
Fade to dust and burn to ashes
Caylen the Fox
Add me on instagram = pierce the caylen
Nick Furless
Searching for some friends.
The Prince of ALL Felines
Hi there :3 Feel free to +add & message me if you need a friend to talk with. :3
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