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Blaze Mari
Just being a Vocaloid furry i am today
Fox Ryan Plague
even though bad days may come but good days come too
Flora Flower
I’m like porcelain bc my heart brakes in two I been broken to many I think I’m already cracking and braking apart I’m going to give it one more try after that i might just let the darkness take me down a bottomless pit...
Sheely Velazquez
Trying to make life easier
Cobalt Mayhem XO45
>Though we weapon X units posses god like power and extreme ability, we don't wish for you to worship us, but rather fight by our side till the end of time
Cat Mage
the way u can text me is from my gmail they are [email protected] or [email protected] thank u
Ryu (chirps)
need some friends ahhh !
Rowan Sheppy
Talk with me ^^
Nick Ryan Pride
sad mostly depressed
now have bf just wanting more friends.
If life is a rollercoaster mine has come off its wheels and is in a nose dive to the ground v.v
I have no hope rn
Chara Dreemurr
I'm active
Randal Taft
A 17 year old gay furry guy longing for an intimate relationship with another 17 year old furry guy.
“Life is way too short and tough to live it filled with hate”
jack sky
Everyone just leave me alone for a while... All that's gonna happen if you try to be friends with me is you'll get hurt... Just like everyone else in my life... If no one heard from me for a long time........ You'll know why.... *Curls up tightly alone li
Searching for friends
Y'all my pfp and background is not drawn by me, so credits to owner.. (Hopefully I can draw my own soon lol) ~(`•3•`) ~
Nick Ryan Pride
hi i`m new here
Vile Scalefern
Chello, friends~!
Fay the dragon
HI im new here
Turbo Wolf!
flopeh wolfeh
“If you follow the crowd it will take you to places they have been but if you walk alone you will find the undiscovered”
Adora Dream Dixon
hey all u pretty and handsome furrys
Lane "tobi" novaa
idk what to put here

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