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Fun to be back
Atropos Otter
Hey there am new just a fun floof otter
Drache Von Schwartz
F4L Community Manager
thank you for all the friendships I've made on here. it means alot to me. adjusting to the fandom little by little and getting comfortable being more open about myself to other people. it's not easy for me. thanks for all the support.
Rantoo Denous
who wants to chat?
fluffy foxy
02-09-2021, furball has passed away at 11AM from lung failure that could not be fixed
Horny and bored
Trying to remain invisible as foxes can be and hidden from view!
Green Reaper
No cheese and no carrots makes GreenReaper something something…
Aria D Gaia
Hi, ya~ :3
*wags tail* let's go have fun!
Eamer sleeper
Bored and tired
Looking at you looking at me.
Bon Bun
would like to know others from F4L
Bakani Snowpaw
Someone Love a kitty? :3
Blair the alpha
I'm new, please feel free to say hiya x

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