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Have fun and always find a way to improve.
Max L Puppy
babyfur looking for locals in Ohio
The Chardero
OMG I'm back. Please re-add me if you remember.
Flora Flower
I’m done I had enough I give up on trusting guys who say I love you I’m done I had enough I’m taking a break from everything so if I go quiet blame it on the people that have done me wrong it’s not just talking about one person they all know who they are
Oregon furrs..? Its lonely out here. :/
Falcon DarkShadow
Lovin Tech School!
Kar Maldov
Feeling like eating doughnuts
Cool x3
Rawr! :3
seeking a cute female
Sheely Velazquez
Life is going smoothly
Cobalt Mayhem XO45
>Though we weapon X units posses god like power and extreme ability, we don't wish for you to worship us, but rather fight by our side till the end of time
Atropos Otter
Hey there am new just a fun floof otter
Blaze Mari
Just being a Vocaloid furry i am today
Rylan the Raccoon
A new member of the Furry4Life society! What should I try out first??
Brenaeh Coulson
I need an extrovert to take me under their wing.
I'm always available to accept friend requests.
Nyx Faewalker
Now accepting friend applications!^*^~~
jack sky
Everyone just leave me alone for a while... All that's gonna happen if you try to be friends with me is you'll get hurt... Just like everyone else in my life... If no one heard from me for a long time........ You'll know why.... *Curls up tightly alone li
fluffy the furry fox
wnats to talk to wolfram
Fun to be back
Just looking for good friends. I'm not in this for the points...
...Still Alive
Fade to dust and burn to ashes
Hi :]
Ren Tsurukana
Just chilling and playing games
I have no idea what I'm doing

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