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pew the dutch angel dragon
"who do you think you are running leaving scars collecting your jars of hearts and tearing love apart your gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul so dont come for me who do you think you are"
Cimerrian Nox
Not visiting this site much. Looks dead to me.
Fade to dust and burn to ashes
And into the forest i go, to lose my mind and find my soul
Raine Rawine
Listening to silence
Fritz the bunny
The king is back
Nix Viridian
Catnip. That is all.
Screee I art sometimes
Precious Rivers
Hey guys, Precious here! I'm hoping I can along with everyone here and that we can all be friends!
Dew drop
I am 13and I want to cuddle or have a relationship
Max L Puppy
looking for locals
hey im vanna just get in too a fight what my friend
Levi H.
I no longer believe in there being such thing as "too far gone". It doesn't matter if you have problems, ot if you are even in a mental state of decline (like me), there is still hope for you! Last night, I found many things that made me believe this. Eve
J.P. Dragonite
My Lemonbrat paw glovelets came! I love them!
Courage isn't having the strength to go on, but it is going on when you have no strength left
Listening to music while siting doing nufen v.v
Bloodshed - 203
Who here has ever player Defcon?
Anderson Mezz
Must violence always be the solution?
Kenny Lee Lupin
Pondering the world
This site is absolutely ineffable!
Flora Flower
Hiya everyone im Flora Flower i aways like having fun and being in the wild with nature and being close to my loved ones and i like smelling flowers like rosies and being outside by a warm fire.
Boca the hippo
Being A minimalist is awesome ^.^
Betrayed once again
Drache Von Schwartz
F4L Community Manager
Hey guys... I appreciate all that you do for the community... It really means a lot
New and improved!
Shadow The Fox
Hi, Im new. I haven't developed my furry to much but I wanted to join the fandom anyways.
Little wolf girl
I’m back and Happy
Suicide seems reasonable to me
should be sleeping, but wants to chat
Why fear darkness when often times, it is what consoles you?
Sparkplug the fox
I check in on this once or twice a day so feel free to chat with me
Love is like magic, but magic is just an illusion
Oky Doky I've finished my characters and I will now be posting more art and being active, plus, soon I will have FA, with lots of artwork, I'll post my account when I'm ready :)
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