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Charley Kane
started watching the new season of Orange is the new black... also started watching game of thrones.
looking for friends
Ally may
~I guess we both have the fear of being alone~
Sometimes in the haze of the heat we make hasty decisions. As long as you are happy with that decision then follow through, but for once step back and analyze that decision. Is it going to hurt in the long run?
Anderson Mezz
Must violence always be the solution?
It's ok to talk to me, I don't bite
Muffin Stripes
Happy 4th of July!
Diska wolf
So Try to go out:/ and mom bitches about collared shirts.
Jazmine Bellamy
Just a Bun...Lookin for some fun...please don't make me go out in the sun. Lol
StormRage Firebrand
Need a female protagonist for a roleplay I wrote. Message me for detail
I know the voices in my head aren't real..... but sometimes their ideas are just absolutely awesome!
Koda Meadows
Hello there.
Ash LePurr
Having to re-register was no bueno
Night Frost
Turning the pages through out life....
Bored~ come chat!
Jack Kingston
The traveler longed for one thing. The one thing he had seen from afar his entire life. All 9,000 years of it. Money, power, fame, all of it was worthless. What he wanted was a home... but as an immortal, it was impossible. So he traveled...
Nothing is ever as bad as it seems. All you need is a little hope and a good friend to talk to.
Scath Faol
Hallbera Gærhialmdottir
New here. Pokes are welcome! :D!
SeiRruf T. WolFoSki
CAUTION: Product May Contain Nuts.
Sparkplug the fox
Happy 4th!
depression beyond this point turn back now
Always up to chat!
Midnight The Wolf
Need sum fureinds
Cosmic Wolf
Nom Nom Nom!
HI! I'm kinda new here and would love to make friends!
Gravity! my friend!...Is constantly pulling down upon you,yet you never reach fully where it intends you to go.Nor am I entirely forced to conform to someone constantly pulling at me.or pain constantly eating at me
Ayan the Tail-less
Hey, I'm new here! What are you up to?
Fun to be back
JUST DO IT!!! don't let your memes be memes
Shadowcrest Watermelon
I need help with furry art..
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