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YEET MY LIFE OUTTA HERE XD I'm in college and won't be active as much as I'd like. Though ig I would be cause it'd show when I'm using my browser but yeah. If I don't reply I'm 9/10 doing school
And into the forest i go, to lose my mind and find my soul
Flora Flower
*wags tail* it's a new Month and a new year for time with close friends and near family and also new adventures to happen and just having a jolly good time and great things to come.
Max L Puppy
babyfur looking for locals
I have no hope rn
Night Frost
Turning the pages through out life....
I only have a certain amount of time I be on here and I'm always on a different site called Rp Repository, if you sign up for it, look for a username that says Foxy_TheWarrior, btw I'm a friendly hybrid, I'm always here to help anyone that needs help
seeking a cute female
Kyora Xi
Am here, mostly not, but I pop in time to time.
11/28/19 ¨Is the day that I may die from emotional distress.¨
Richter and Jaeger
Someone once asked me what i felt when I shoot a target that will one day be a terrorist. My response? Recoil
Max the Wolf
But I know, I know... Life can be beautiful I pray, I pray, I pray For a better way For a better way We were kind before; We can be kind once more, We can be beautiful...
Aerith Dracenfeather
If anyone wants to chat with me on Telegram, send me a message. :)
Fun to be back
Tempo Robinson
Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose.
*giggles* friends.
What up? It's greet to see ya ouo
Screee I art sometimes
Sparkplug the fox
I check in on this once or twice a day so feel free to chat with me
Shado Skyhawk
Please chat with me. I need someone to talk to.
Something gnaws at my mind, can it be love or is it insanity?
Scavenger Lason
Putting on my pilgrim hat for thanksgiving.
Syan Lux Wolfe
A man on a mission to live, one day at a time.
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