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Have fun and always find a way to improve.
Blaze Mari
Just being a Vocaloid furry i am today
Fox Ryan Plague
even though bad days may come but good days come too
Oregon furrs..? Its lonely out here. :/
fluffy the furry fox
sad cause fox ryan plague is wanting to die
Anderson Mezz
Come Say Hi. ^^
Sheely Velazquez
Trying to make life easier
I am a fox who loves making friends and is very generous and thoughtfull
Rawr! :3
Fun to be back
Falcon DarkShadow
Lovin Tech School!
Cat Mage
It's ok to talk to me, I don't bite
Max L Puppy
babyfur looking for locals in Ohio
LF a playmate;)
Offline Mostly
Just a lonely wolfer. I've kinda given up on finding real furry friends online, but I'm still hopeful.
Ryu (chirps)
need some friends ahhh !
Hello I'm Nuka to be real I'm new and all most a furry so I need help and I don't have a friend or a fur suit YET so I need help to become a furry fully btw once I become a furry ill change this and btw im not 21 I got the age wrong I'm 15 btw
Rowan Sheppy
Talk with me ^^
Nick Ryan Pride
sad mostly depressed
fluffy foxy
02-09-2021, furball has passed away at 11AM from lung failure that could not be fixed
Drache Von Schwartz
F4L Community Manager
If life is a rollercoaster mine has come off its wheels and is in a nose dive to the ground v.v

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