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Oregon furrs..? Its lonely out here. :/
jack sky
Everything's going ok so far (For the most part anyways). I just can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my beautiful mate Flora ❤️
Oliver Wolfe
Just a lonely wolfer. I've kinda given up on finding real furry friends online, but I'm still hopeful.
Fritz Fox
It seems the turns have tabled... (I always wanted to say that ^w^)
Sheely Velazquez
Keep on pushing yourself past the limits!
Leko Saboten
Feeling good!
furry admin
Hard at work for you
Searching for friends
SeiRruf Wilde
F4L Administration & Support Team Member
Single and ready to Mingle! Any Female Mates form the age of 13-16?
Have fun and always find a way to improve.
Blaze Mari
Just being a Vocaloid furry i am today
Kyru Rex
Hoping to meet friends here so please feel welcome to contact me anytime!
The Chardero
OMG I'm back. Please re-add me if you remember.
Alex Yukon
Miri oc'h koñ!
should be sleeping, but wants to chat
fluffy the furry fox
happy starving for more friends
Rawr! :3
Max L Puppy
babyfur looking for locals in Ohio
Felix Whitepaw
to however is using felix whitepaws name plz stop hes my oc and ive had him for over 10 years causes me a great deal of stress knowing someone else is going around using my name, if your the person doing this, plz change your name immediately.
Fun to be back
I know i should be happy for them..... idk though i just feel so betrayed v.v
Zeke Pillow
alive and stuff o,,o
pew the dutch angel dragon
lonely again...happens to the weakest..
And into the forest i go, to lose my mind and find my soul
now have bf just wanting more friends.
LF a playmate;)

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