Fill in valid information only. We read every entry, sometimes there is a lot. Please allow up to 48 hours for your profile to be approved.

There are features on the site that use some of the information. Like our search fields for people who want to search by age. Or location fields so that people can type in a zip code and find furs near them. So please, valid information only.  

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Remember when filling out the Join Application for Furry4Life, that if you do not fill in the application with some valid information, do not list anything furry, or just fill in random text, your Join Application may be rejected. To become a member, you MUST fill in the required fields and have some furry information in your profile. This keeps Furry4Life, exclusive to the furry community! 

F4L is also a family friendly network. If you are looking for something more adult, try our sister network FurriesXtreme. All content here on Furry4Life is Safe For Kids and For Work. If you want to post content that you have to edit by blurring or covering up, then it probably doesn't belong here. Same with the descriptions, no adult content is allowed in profiles. 

Descriptions: This is what we really use the most when approving profiles. 

  • Cool Description: My fursona is a orange fox with black hair, black gloves and black ears. His underside is white, and so is his tail tip. He's cute n stuff, and loves to make new furiends! 
  • Uncool Description: I'm a fox. ^^ I don't feel like writing more, haha ahah ahsdkwjalkdfjsalkgiao will fill in later
  • No Description with explaination is ok: I don't have a description, but have been a furry for # years and love the community. I go to meets and conventions, love the art and all the cool fursuits. Just haven't created a character of my own and I don't roleplay. 

Emails: REAL EMAILS ONLY If we see a domain from a 10minute or disposable mail service, that too will be rejected.

Rejected Profiles: If you come back and find your profile rejected, feel free to edit the information. We'll come back in 7 days and see if your profile improved. After 7 days, you will need to fill a new application.