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What we do: At the center we theme each room:  Room 1: Main Zoo  A hangout space Room 2: Mini Artists Alley Fits 1-4 artists Room 3: Headless Lounge  A safe space for any fursuiters to change Room 4: Cafe/Zoo  Place to hang out, eat food, play Joust, film stuff, or othe…
26.01.2019 19:00
85 Raritan Ave, Suite 100, Highland Park, NJ, Highland Park, United States
From ShyMatsi
When: Wednesday, Oct 24th 2018 Where: Barcade:  494 Broad St Suite 100, Newark, NJ 07102 ( Why: To gather, eat dinner and play arcade games.  To Do: Check their menu: They have Directions: See what…
24.10.2018 20:00
Barcade, Newark, NJ, United States
From ShyMatsi