What we do: At the center we theme each room:

Room 1: Main Zoo

Room 2: Mini Artists Alley

Room 3: Headless Lounge

Room 4: Cafe/Zoo


It's a perfect time to fursuit, hang out and chill! Feel free to bring food or snack, free Wi-Fi available, and spaces to change for those that own a fursuit.

To Do List: WiFi:

Bring your mobile devices, there is free wifi

Art: Bring your Sketchbooks or tablets for art

Projects: In the past we've filmed shorts, did DTDs for fursuits, and more, if you have a project you need help with, let Shy know.

TV: There's a smart TV! We can put on Hulu, YouTube, Netflix, etc..

Food: Get Dinner and bring it back to eat with everyone.


See ya there!

Banned from all my events:

1) Korrie (aka: Korrie Husky|Luka|Evil Dante|Brian|Dante Shy|ACE|Silly Puppy|evildante1989) (yes this is all one guy)

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  •  Snowy: 

    free wifi :3

    is it high speed wifi JK

    0 points
  •  Icer: 

    there are furmeets in DE too that i go to all the time and they are alot of fun too

    1 point
  •  Katarina: 

    Sounds like fun! Can't wait til I can go to one of these :3

    0 points
  •  ShyMatsi: 

    This meet is always a fun time :) can't wait to see everyone there! Thank you Kojak for the awesome flyer! 

    1 point
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