I have weekly foodie meets.. I'm going to post them here :) 

IMPORTANT: You really should RSVP, it saves you a seat at the table. At 7pm SHARP we will head in to eat, if you aren't there by then, you may not get a seat. CLICK HERE TO RSVP  Or just join this event to show that you are coming.
When: Thursday, May 17th at 7pm  
  • WhereEdison Diner:  101 US-1 South, Edison, NJ 08817  
  • Why: To meet, greet and eat!
  • Food: 24/7 joint serving a standard-issue slate of hearty American fare in a basic diner setting...
  • This is NOT a fursuit friendly meet, it'll probably get dirty, so don't bring it.
  • Leave the drama at home and don't bring anyone on the ban list.
  • telegram: @ShyMatsi
Ban List:
Unfortunately, some furs have to ruin the fun for everyone, so this is a list of furs who have tried and are not welcome to my meets:
  • Korrie (aka: Korrie Husky|Luka|Evil Dante|Brian|Dante Shy|ACE|Silly Puppy|evildante1989)
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