Shy's Meets: Barcade (Newark, NJ) Info

IMPORTANT: For this meet, you really should RSVP, it lets us know to wait up for you and/or saves you a seat at the table. At 8pm SHARP we will head in to eat or play games, if you aren't there by then, you may not get a seat.  (

MUST BE 21 or over

*When: Thursday, Jan 3rd at 8pm  

*Where: Barcade: 494 Broad St Suite 100, Newark, NJ 07102  

*Why: To meet, greet and eat!

*Food: Bar and Arcade with fingerfood, pizza, fried foods, Tetris Tots, and more, check the menu



This is really easy to get to via Mass Transit.

*Coming from NYC? Take the PATH Train to Newark Penn Station, it's the cheapest way.  

*Coming from Newark Penn Station: Almost every train goes to Newark Penn Station, once there, follow signs for the Light Rail. Take the Broad Street Station Light Rail to the Washington Park Stop. (The train will stop at Broad St Station, and head back, on it's way back to Penn Station, the first stop is Washington Park)

Once Washington Park Station, go across the street, the Barcade will be on the corner of Washington and Broad St. 

*Driving? No problem! A parking garage is located at 494 Broad St. Right next to it. Spend $25 and get free parking. (there is free street parking, but it fills up quick, I don't recommend looking for it)



This isn't a Fursuit Friendly meet. It's an Arcade/Bar, your suit will get dirty, your partial will get dirty, don't bring it. 

This is in the University Heights Section of Newark NJ! Lots of street parking as well as the parking garage if you don't want to pay parking garage fees. Street parking on Washington next to Rutgers Business School. 

The meet will probably end by 9:30-10pm, some may stay longer depending on what furs want to do.

Leave the drama at home and don't bring anyone on the ban list.

telegram: @ShyMatsi


Ban List:

Korrie (aka: Korrie Husky|Luka|Evil Dante|Brian|Dante Shy|ACE|Silly Puppy|evildante1989|or whatever he's going by today, he knows who he is)

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