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The title says it all really.
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United States
30.08.2020 From Mixolyzian The Newt
-this is for anyone who live streams or likes watching them of art on picarto/twitch, or elsewhere.-post and share links to active streams [no links to lewd art streams]-share finished work and WIPs-organise multistreams and network with other artists
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United Kingdom
05.06.2016 From Souxjin Grey [scratchmarks]
This group is for fans of Sonic. (Because I know there are Sonic furs out there :D)   Feel free to post Sonic artwork of any characters from any canons, screenshots from any of the games, theories about the franchise, and discuss whatever you want :)
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United States
25.05.2016 From Frostfire
A place for like minded tricky beings to hang out and discuss our superior minds and adaptability as well as Literature and Cultural Points related to Tricksters of all types.. Animal types include: Foxes, Ravens, Coyotes, Jackals, Crows,¬†Lapines and a few others. Let darkness reign supreme my fello…
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United States
16.03.2016 From NiveusFoxLore
For furries content creators and those who are interested in creating fun shorts novels, comic, animation, music, video, art or even planning to do a huge up and find a partner here!!! You can also find and share those content here, be sure to credit the rightful creator tho! Enjoy sh…
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13.03.2016 From FurLove
A group for furries who like music! Found a nice song? Share it here! Do you make music? Share your songs as well!
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Kalamazoo, United States
28.02.2016 From Grape
For those furries who like to write, or read stories. Comics are also appreciated.
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United Kingdom
27.02.2016 From Glyn Ebony