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Just a small pack where fox/wolf decedents can come have fun
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United States
13.03.2016 From Zeath Zorbock
for the furries in colorado 
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Glenwood springs , United States
07.03.2016 From Ohni
This group is for those of us in the furry community worldwide and those of us that like to draw furry based art whether it be anthro style furries or more feral based General stuff like that. ¬†Please do not post any vore, nude furries or anything like that otherwise it will be taken down. I please …
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SCARBOROUGH, United Kingdom
25.02.2016 From Shaman Werebear
a group to appreciate and love furs what have some extra meat on there bones. All pictures MUST have proper artist info! if you don't know who did it, don't post it. seriously, how else are these artists going to get people to commission them if no one can find them?
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United States
24.01.2016 From Vikie \ Viktor Foxfang