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Fur Crusading is a term i invented Fur Crusade /noun/The act in which you go onto a social media that isnt about furries nor furry related or have a reputation for furries and posting furry stuff in comments or on serversmaking a fake account on said site is optionalex: Hey spence, fritz, and others…
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Sheffield Lake, United States
18.08.2018 From Simon O. Lukeson
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada! Come one, come all! Furries of Las Vegas living in the City of Lights. General Purposes: Organize or plan meet ups. Know who's around you. Find friends near by. Share events or group photos taken in Vegas.   Standard Ground Rules: This is not the …
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Nevada, United States
29.02.2016 From SeiRruf Wilde
A group for the furry community in New Jersey, USA and to spread the word about meets and info! Join us on Telegram @njfurs And on Discord:        
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Trenton, United States
28.02.2016 From Hilahila