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the name explains it (I hope)
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Colombia, United States
04.02.2021 From omeru hono
The title says it all really.
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United States
30.08.2020 From Mixolyzian The Newt
Hello everyone! This is a group where new fursuiters or those interested in fursuiting can discuss!  We'll be able to post tips, supply links, and especially answer any questions!   
4 fans
United States
06.10.2019 From Minty
For all the furries in Missouri who want some local furry friends.
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Washington, United States
01.10.2019 From Koritsu Akemi
If you love undertale come on down dont know what undertale is ? we will explain it to you all are welcome roleplay is allow but must be undertale theme
5 fans
United States
08.02.2019 From Snowy
this is all about furries in nebraska!
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United States
28.01.2019 From Mr.Fox slime
Fur Crusading is a term i invented Fur Crusade /noun/The act in which you go onto a social media that isnt about furries nor furry related or have a reputation for furries and posting furry stuff in comments or on serversmaking a fake account on said site is optionalex: Hey spence, fritz, and others…
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Sheffield Lake, United States
18.08.2018 From Simon O. Lukeson
This group is for any furs who live in Georgia to meet and make friends.
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United States
14.06.2018 From Sugar
I host my own dnd seasons on a website on roll20 if anyone wants to join you need discord and a computer i hope to you all in the future 
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any, United States
01.06.2018 From Parker Graves
A place where Currys can get art tips and talk about art
12 fans
United States
13.05.2018 From Chese puff