This is basically a chill space for everyone to talk in, get to know each other, and how we can communicate with each other digitally without using Furry4Life. There may be a few exceptions in which only friendly conversations are allowed, and not accusing constantly at everyone in the group. You can also portray you RP ideas here if you're interested on making your own story. However, there aren't very much rules in here, besides no explicit content, no rude behavior, and personal conversations are to be private if furs are interested. Any violation of this will be warned up to 3 times to not do it again, those who do will be kicked from this for a week. Anyways, hope you enjoy, and good luck getting to know each other.

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Looking for a mate that I want to talk with; I'm always available to accept friend requests.
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Ivanwolf Volkov
Hello I'm new can you help me use the comment section
Jessica Jacklyn Burdell
To those just joining me for my first day here, welcome to my page and Bastet bless. Hope to have a grand good time with each and every one of you all.
Chardero The Lupe
I'll be mostly on Anthrodex as it is very active and supportive. You're invited if you like! Thanks~