If you love God and are thankful that He made such wonderful animals to create fursonas with, join this group!:D Feel free to post things like prayer requests, scriptures, quotes, etc. You may also post pictures of your pets and animals. This group is for any denomination.

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  •  Snowy: 

    thank the lord and may your soul go to heaven 

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  •  Torrin: 

    So what I'm asking of you all is that you start this journey in finding the truth behind the religion you always claimed to believe,but many of you might not know why you believe.& I can assure you it will be a bit difficult.But after you make it through,you will never Walk, with Christ again.You'll at least be at a fast Jog if not a steady run,and when you need a rest as always God will carry you to where you need to be.

    The Only thing I ask if any of you decide to do this,is do not cheat.& let me explain what Cheating is.Cheating is going to a source that you know is biased twords one side or the other.Now you should look at biased opinions cause that's generally where you will find you homework and what you need to find the truth about.But it's not going to do you any good if you cheat on this test.XD 

    & finally...Do not,Do not,Do not do not  ever at any point let your self get discouraged!.There are going to be many many many things that you'll come across that will point and appear to "prove the faith wrong" but that is honestly why many people are not because they get stuck.or they don't want to take the time or genuinely don't have the time to look into it further.but the main reason is because they find something that they think is proof,and cannot or will not look or accept anything else.& I don't blame any of them.It's where God wishes them to be at this point so it's the best place they can be.Life is a hard road,but it's built that way so we grow.

    Take care all of you and Godbless!

    (and also sorry that was so long)

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  •  Torrin: 

    Hey all you Christian furries! I have something to ask you all,as a fellow christian fur.

    Do you really trust God?  what I mean by this is,yes yes we claim all the time that we do,but when strife comes about do you still remember that God has your best interest in mind,and is watching over you and doing everything that needs to be done to make You! happy To give you want You want!. Now all good things come with some kind of suffering I understand that.But really do you really truly believe the claim that you make.? or do you crumple under the pressure and give way to doubt constantly?If so I'd invite you to start on a journey,of learning the truth and proving your faith.Not using the bible.but proving the bible.and there is a very good book which gives many leads to starting that journey called(Christ on Trial)by David Limbaugh.

    my point is,if you can prove with evidence and facts that Christ did indeed walk the earth,Christ did do all that he did,not because he was some genius,but because he is really God.It really makes you think.If God does exist and I believe he does because of that proof.Then really your contradicting yourself by worrying.It takes away that little bit of doubt we have in our minds that acts like grease on the pole,or Ice on a road.When there is Grease on a pole,pretty much you slip no matter how tightly you squeeze,when there is ice on the road you slow down,almost to a stop.


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  •  Phantom_ Amethyst16: 

    praise god I found a place for me.

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