The world of Roleplay, art, hot guys, and more in this group session! Chat, hang out, or do whatever you would like! Make sure you are respectful or else you will be kicked for a certain time depending on how many times that you have done it. As for you guys that are going to be joining, have fun! :D

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  •  Rylan the Raccoon: 

    Hi, guys! I would like to start by saying hello!

    My name is Rylan the Raccoon, I am the owner of this group! I am 16 right now and am single (that's right). I love the furry community and would love to know what your guys' names are and what things that I should know about you! I love gaming (and also yiff). If anyone wants to roleplay, I'm your guy that'll do so! I'll see in the fandom more!

     2 days ago 
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Rylan the Raccoon
A new member of the Furry4Life society! What should I try out first??
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