For graphic artists of any form—be it sketching artists, painters, illustrators, comic creators, 3D modelers, or animators. Traditional, digital, and mixed-media illustrations are allowed, as well as artists of any skill level from absolute beginners to professional masters.

  • Any subject is allowed here, but please do not post any explicit sexual content or extreme gore/violence. Artistic nudity is allowed (with Barbie/Ken doll anatomy or with censoring of genitals & feminine nipples), as well as blood and some exposed organs, but nothing violently gory or depicting genital/anal stimulation or bodily fluids. Please no feces, urine, mucus, or realistic vomit either. For the safety of this group, please do not post any depictions of suicide.
  • You may post images/videos of animals, humans, anthros, landscapes, still life, studies, and creatures.
  • Please only critique other members with explicit permission. If you are wishing to critique someone's artwork and they have not posted whether or not they're seeking critiques, please ask them prior to posting any critiques and wait for their approval. Otherwise, please assume they are not requesting critiques and do not post them.
  • Please do not insult or harass any other members either, including those based on immutable traits such as race, religion, origin/nationality, gender/sex (including gender identity), sexuality/romanticism, ability (mental & physical), or age.
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Robin Grimmgall
Survival of the fittest is what they say, but I'm surviving and I'm unfit for it.
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