A casual hangout/roleplay/storytelling corner for young furs. Everyone is welcome! 

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  •  Mai_the_Moth: 

    hey, i’m Eirah! I’m 15, my main fursona is a moth, and i’m a girl! and others are saying their sexualities so.., i’m biromantic asexual? i guess? idk what to say

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  •  Kreois: 

    Heya, I'm Kreois, 15, I've been in the fandom for a while so if any new furs need guidance I'd be happy to help 

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  •  Atarie V Grace: 

    hi my name is Atarie and i am new to the fandom


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  •  Atarie V Grace: 

    hey im Atarie a blue fox and i am looking for some friends any one want to chat female bi


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  •  Fimdir Velen Dae: 

    hey, im 15

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Valencia the Mango Fox
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