A casual hangout/roleplay/storytelling corner for young furs. Everyone is welcome! 

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  •  Wooffy Wooferson: 

    Hey guys a young proud wolfman here hmu if you want to talk

     2 days ago 
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  •  Max the Wolf: 

    Hey guys I'm Max the Wolf hmu, I may not be on a lot but i'll respond one day XD, read my bio for mor info

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  •  Savage Fox: 

    hey guys im back from a long time being away and i wanna talk to anyone willing to do so... also looking for a mate possibly

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  •  Cyberpunk: 

    hi, im cyberpunk, im a wolf and i have no idea what to do here. happy to chat!


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  •  Mai_the_Moth: 

    hey, i’m Eirah! I’m 15, my main fursona is a moth, and i’m a girl! and others are saying their sexualities so.., i’m biromantic asexual? i guess? idk what to say

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Valencia the Mango Fox
Mango? Fox? Mango-fox? Fox that's scented like mango?
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