We are a group for musical furries, or rather; for those of us who play an instrument.
So this is a group for all skill levels of players to discuss instruments, playing styles/technique, write and trade tab/sheet music scores, advertise for band members.So please have fun and encourage each other.

[If you are a digital music maker using only computers and mixing equipment; this is not the group for you]

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  •  Arwyn: 

    Anyone got any songs they've been working on? 

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  •  Astriana Jade: 

    Hi, I play the clarinet, and I'm learning how to play the guitar and piano. I've played the clarinet for three years, and I used to be in my school's band class. 


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  •  Digby Donnor: 

    Hey I play bass, ukulele, and the drums but I'm best at drums and the uke as well as I have been playing them for about 3 years.

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  •  Not sure yet: 

    I've played the cello for over 10 years. I've not played for a while but I pick it up now and again :)

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  •  Flare Gould: 

    Hi there

    I have played trumpet for 3 years.

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