All animals are allowed to join, and even though it's called, "Wolfie's Wolf Pack", wolves are not the only animals allowed. All animals are welcome! ^///w///^

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  •  Wolfy: 


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  •  cottoncandy: 

    hewo people 

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  •  Blitzkriegdog: 

    No matter how many new people join this site, most of them seem to never stick around and this site is perpetually very slow as a result. Not even sure the admins pay that much attention considering it can sometimes take days to accept new members and that seems to be typically done in bulk. Several new members at a time and all of them say they joined several days before. Would be nice if this place was more active

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  •  Blaze Mari: 

    I don't know...I don't want to think I'm useless again.

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  •  Wolfy: 

    Hello everybody! I'm Wolfie, and I'm just so glad to say, "Welcome to my wolf pack!" Every animal is allowed in my pack. There is no criticism, and everyone is loved no matter who they are, their fur/skin color, their eye color. nobody is hated! ^///w///^ I hop you enjoy my pack!

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